Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions attach to you the customer for using the online TV licence payment service (and described associated services) known as TV Licence.ie/ TV License.ie to pay for your TV Licence.

Throughout these terms and conditions the terms 'you' and ' your' refer to the you the customer registering to use the TV License.ie/ TV Licence.ie service, the terms 'we' and 'our' refer to An Post trading as TV Licence.ie/TV License.ie (Hereafter referred to as TV Licence.ie/TV License.ie).

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to register for and use the services as described (And any other services which are not explicitly described but which are available today in TV Licence.ie/TV License.ie or which may become available at any time in the future) in a proper and lawful manner.

An Post is required by law to provide certain services in relation to TV Licences on behalf of The Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media. The Broadcasting Act 2009 and other laws set out the legislation relating to Television Licences. You can get more information on the law relating to TV Licences by visiting

http://www.irishstatutebook.ie (new window)

Access to the Service.
An Post, through TV Licence.ie/TV License.ie is offering an online payment service to you the customer to enable you to renew your television, purchase a licence for the first time and or change your personal details and your address which are linked to your TV licence if you have moved house/premises.

You are issued with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) with your renewal notice. The PIN together with your 17 digit TV Reference Number will allow you to log on to the TV Licence website and renew your licence or change your personal details in the manner described. These security credentials are provided to ensure that your information can be accessed by you for your account.

The PIN will remain valid for one year. You should keep your renewal notice which contains your PIN and TV Reference number safe in order to prevent anyone else logging in and renewing your TV Licence or changing your registered address.

If you wish to purchase a licence for the first time you do not require a PIN or TV Reference number. You can purchase your first TV licence by clicking on the button Purchase New Licence, and providing the information requested on the online application form for new TV licences.

It is your responsibility to ensure that these logon credentials are kept safe and are not revealed to anyone. If you permit anyone else to access the service using your logon credentials you are authorising them to use any of the facilities available which you have registered including viewing your information and paying your TV Licence.

Payment for renewal of your TV Licence or for purchasing your TV licence for the first time is made using either Debit or Credit Cards. Please note that your payment will not be processed if insufficient funds are in your account to cover the transaction. On line authorisation on all cards will take place prior to the transaction being completed.

Receipt of New Licence
Your TV Licence will be posted to you within 10 working days of the successful completion of your transaction. An Post as agent for the Minister may amend a licence if it is proper in the circumstances to do so, for example by amending the address the TV licence relates to or correction of the dates for that particular TV licence.

Change of Personal Details
The TV Licence.ie/TV License.ie service also offers you the ability to change your personal details as they relate to your TV Licence only. You can change your personal details in relation to your TV Licence when:

you are renewing your TV Licence; or

at any time during the year of the validity of your TV Licence provided you have your PIN and TV Reference number.

If you are moving house/premises and want to change your address details on your TV Licence only, please allow 10 working days for this information to be updated onto the TV Licence database operated by the TV Licences records office.

You may also update and/or change several other types of personal details. These personal details are limited to your telephone number, your mobile number, your email address or your consent for electronic correspondence from the TV Licences Records Office. When you update and/or change these personal details, the updated and/or changed personal details you provide online will be updated and/changed immediately

Personal Data and Data Protection
You acknowledge that by using the TVlicence.ie/TV License.ie service that you are providing information which is confidential to you and you accept that this will be used only for the provision of the TV Licence.ie/ TV License.ie service and will not be divulged to any third party for any reason other than to ensure the normal operation of the service. The personal data that you must provide when using the TV Licence.ie service, will be used for the purposes of:

Purchasing a television licence;
Issuing you with a new licence;
Updating the TV Licence database;
Verification of credit or debit cards;
Writing to you regarding the expiry of your licence; and
Alerting you of fee increase or change in payment methods.

More information on Data Protection is contained in our Privacy Statement and Security Statement

We may also wish to use your personal data to provide you with information regarding electronic notification of renewals should this facility become available in the future. However, you will be given an opportunity to choose not to receive such information.

Intellectual Property Rights
The Intellectual Property Rights in data or materials developed or used by An Post and utilised on the TV Licence.ie/ TV License.ie website shall remain, or upon their creation become, vested by An Post

Security of Personal and Financial Information
The PIN and 17 digit TV reference number are just two of the security credentials we use to ensure that your information can be accessed by you. Your PIN will remain valid for one year only. For security reasons a replacement PIN cannot be issued over the phone. We also use a secure online payment system. For more information see our Security Statement (new window). The protection of your personal data is very important to us. Please review our section on Personal Data and read our Privacy Statement (new window)

Any notice to be served on you may be sent by electronic mail to the electronic mail address notified by you to us and shall be deemed to be received by you 72 hours after being sent. Any notice to be served on us may be sent by electronic mail to the electronic mail address notified by us to you and shall be deemed to be received by us 72 hours after being sent.

Enquiries Relating to the Service
All enquiries relating to the use of the service must be directed by phone, email or post. The telephone number is 1890 252749 and is in operation 9.00 to 17.30, Monday to Friday. The email address is tvlicence.web@anpost.ie, the postal address is Licence Services, 3B GPO O'Connell St. Lower, Dublin 1, D01 F5P2. If your enquiries relate to your Debit and/or Credit cards, you must contact your Debit and/Or Credit Card service provider.