Ways to pay for a TV Licence

Payment options

  • Pay online using MasterCard or Visa
  • Cash/cheque or Debit Card at any Post Office
  • By Direct Debit
  • By phone: 01 7058800 using MasterCard or Visa
  • Post a cheque (crossed and made payable to An Post) to your local TV Licence Record's Office
  • TV licence stamps available at your local Post Office
  • Cash at selected Postpoint outlets

Renewing your TV Licence
When renewing your TV licence remember to have on hand your current TV licence reference number (and PIN for our Online Service) which is on the reminder notice sent from the TV licence section. To avoid delays you should bring your reminder notice when paying at the Post Office.

A Television Licence is deemed to be granted by way of renewal of a previous licence where the licence a) is granted to the person for which the previous licence was granted, b) relates to the same specified place to which the previous licence related and is granted within one month before or within 12 months after the expiration of the previous licence.

First Time Licence
A First Time Television Licence is every licence not granted by way of renewal. It comes into force on the day on which it was granted and continues in force until the end of the eleventh month after the month it was granted.

If you choose this option when the Renewal option is more appropriate, An Post on behalf of the Minister, may amend your licence in such manner as appears to him or her or An Post to be proper in the circumstances, in particular, the TV Licence expiry date.