Free TV Licence information

Who do I contact regarding my entitlement to a free TV Licence?
You should contact the Department of Social Protection (DSP) at 1890 500 000.

My TV Licence has expired but I have applied to the Department of Social Protection for a free TV Licence. What should I do?
It is your legal obligation to have a valid TV Licence if you have a TV in your home. This includes the period between your TV Licence expiry date and you Free Licence award decision.

I am paying for my TV Licence by Direct Debit and have recieved a free TV Licence from the Department of Social Protection. Can I terminate my payments?
If you are paying for a TV Licence by instalments prior to a free TV Licence being awarded to you then you must continue to pay the remaining instalments for that TV Licence. Once your final payment has been paid we will remove the Direct Debit agreement from your record and no more payments will be sought. The free TV Licence does not come into effect until the expiry date of your paid TV Licence.